Yadagirigutta – Abode Of Narsimha Swamy


On the outskirts of Hyderabad lie many small gems to be explored.  Yadagirigutta is one of them. I visited it almost towards the end of my stay in Hyderabad along with Kolanpak and Bhongir. It is the abode of the god Narsimha Swamy.

Landscape view of the Yadagirigutta Hills, Hyderabad
Landscape view of the Yadagirigutta Hills, Hyderabad

Yadagirigutta – Abode of Narsimha Swamy Avatar Of Vishnu

Lord Narsimha Swamy at Yadagirigutta
An image of the lord

It is a stone hill standing alone in the midst of a valley. Best known for the temple on its top the Shri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy temple. Like every temple, this one also has its legends and myths that are as amusing to listen to. Literature tells me that this temple finds mentioned in the Puranas indicating its antiquity. The name comes from an ancient sage called Yadrishi who did penance here. Pleased with him Lord Vishnu appeared before him in the form of Jwala or fire.

What is special about this temple is that it is dedicated to the Narsimha or the half man – half lion avatar of Lord Vishnu. There are not many temples dedicated to this avatar of his. And the ones that are there are all found in the vicinity of this one. The motif of this form of the lord can be seen all over – in the form of carvings, paintings, and Curios.

Narsimha Swamy Idol at the temple
Idol at the temple

Pilgrim Place

As you climb the hill, the scene is like any other pilgrim place. Lines of shops, rows of Dharamshalas, and lots of devotees moving around with loud music playing in the background. Colorful Gopurams indicate the general direction of the temple and the queues remind of the power of priests in these temples. I expected the temple to have a giant idol of the presiding deity. But it turned out to be a stone inside a natural cave on top of which the temple-like structure has been built. There is a fire that is said to be ON all the time, without any apparent fuel. There is an idol, but that is an Utsav murti or the idol used for the festivals to symbolically take the God out of the temple for a tour.

Shri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy temple at Yadagirigutta, Hyderabad
Shri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy temple

All around the temple, there are many depictions of this avatar of the lord Vishnu. In the form of small idols, various paintings, on the door designs, on the entrance torans. Even in the nearby Surendrapuri Mythology Museum. Paintings depict the various stories and legends associated with this avatar of Vishnu. It is like the dominant figure overlooking you and everything happening around the hill.

Narsimha Avatar of Vishnu
An avatar of Vishnu

It is about 60 km’s from Hyderabad. It is well connected by road. Even if you are not the religious types go there for the landscape that you see from the top of the hill.

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