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Indian Visa Guide

Indian Visa Guide -Top Things to Know Before Applying

Are you ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime and tick the ultimate travel destination off your list? India is one of...
Jungle Safari Holidays

Best Jungle Safari Holidays In National Parks Of India

Should we really take a Jungle Safari in India? Oh Yes, it is the best way to explore to sheer biodiversity of India that...
International Travel Checklist - What to Pack by Inditales

International Travel Checklist – What To Pack?

Packing List and a Travel Checklist for International Trips to make sure you do not forget anything important - travel documents, medicines, travel gadgets. Holiday Packing list can take care of common mistakes and let you enjoy your holiday at leisure.

Top 10 Sailing Phrases We Use Everyday

Sailing phrases kept popping up recently as I was reading two books simultaneously on sea adventures. One was on maritime history and another on...
My dream destinations

Top Destinations On My Wish List To Visit

What are the 3 top destinations that you want to visit? I have been asked this question umpteen number of times. My usually answer...
Travel Photography

Travel Photography: DSLR Or Point & Shoot Camera?

Travel Photography happened much later. I was in love with photography ever since I was a 3-4-year-old. My first brush with a camera was...
Earning free flights using Credit Cards...

How To Make Your Credit Card Work For Your Travel Dreams

Flights are one of the most expensive parts of a travel itinerary. I know hotels can be expensive too, but there are alternatives to...
Understanding Travel Insurance

Do I Need To Buy Travel Insurance ? Understand

I keep hearing about Travel Insurance but have never bought one. I was not even sure if I need to buy Travel Insurance for...
Do you feel lost in Museums - Tips to make the best out of museums

Do You Feel Lost In Museums? – Read This

Museums are a window into the past. They bring alive the tales that we heard in childhood or read in a textbook through some...

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