Munching Street Food At Food Street – Bangalore

Bhel Puri at Food Street Bangalore
Bhel Puri

Food Street in Bangalore – I am amazed that in so many years I never discovered this place. Which is probably the biggest eating joint in Bangalore and also the best? I am told it is popularly known by this name. This is a small street where the address on the signboards reads New Market Road, V V Nagar, Bangalore – 560004.

Food Street Bangalore

The food options there are Chaat Wala’s from Ajmer, where you can have Samosas, Kachoris, Phirni, badam milk, and a besan based munch. It has the South Indian fast food joints which provide Medu Wadas, Daal Wadas. Some more dishes which are not very common. There are Rehris (food carts) of various fruits like Jackfruit, Plam fruit (I had it for the first time), watermelon, Kakri (a kind of cucumber). A new food item that I discovered here is the roasted corn with various fruits like raw mango, pineapple sprinkled with chaat masala. Of course, there were regular varieties of corn, roasted and steamed in various flavors.

Food Joints

There were carts making fresh dosas to order, frying pre-made paranthas. There are chaat shops serving Pani Pooris and various other Chaats like Bhel Puri, Dahi Poori, Pav Bhaji et al. And there was a dessert shop where you can get ice-cream flavored with Gulkand – a new kind of fusion food. There were regular sweets like Ladoos and Gulab Jamuns, though I could not find my favorite Jalebis. There are juice shops serving all kinds of fresh juices. Between the four of us, we tried to try everything available on the street. And even by taking just bites of all these things and avoiding the regularly available things, we were full by the team we reached the end of the street.


Apparently food street comes alive only in the evenings. When we reached around 7 PM, the street was virtually empty. By 8 PM it was bustling with people carrying a relaxed and satisfied look on their faces. You would find yourself among various aromas each of which would tend to pull you.

Food lovers this is a must go place if you live in or visit Bangalore.

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  1. Anuradha..bumped into your latest post is on the food street. It is all that you have mentioned and more..yumm is thw right word..nice review..

  2. I have been in Bangalore since 8 years.. it’s literally my home now. I have been planning to visit here but somehow it never happened so far. Now, after reading your post, the yearning has come back…will go this weekend itself if possible. When I go, will definitely pin down and share my experience.

  3. Hi Anuradha

    Jus came across your post.. I must say its a wonderful place for relaxing and some yummy foooooooood.. I am not saying this because am a banglorean.. But coz of place.

  4. hey thank you for this blog actually I have never visited Bangalore and never know about their dishes and food but after reading IndiTales I am in love with the dishes and food of Bangalore.


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