Baiguney Sikkim Trip With Club Mahindra


Baiguney – where is that? That was my first thought when I started communicating with Club Mahindra. Google came to the rescue and very soon I was dreaming of the hills and forests of southwestern Sikkim. Read about the small hill stations surrounding the Baiguney like Pelling and Rinchenpong. I got to know about River Rangeet I was told flows right next to the Club Mahindra Resort there. I was ready to explore and it fitted in well with our already planned trip to South Sikkim and Jungles of North Bengal.

Club Mahindra Lobby at Baiguney
Club Mahindra Lobby at Baiguney

Some of the things that would make me want to return are:

View with a Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool view from Room, Baiguney
Swimming Pool view from Room

We have often heard of phrases like ‘Room With a View’ or ‘Swimming Pool with a view’ but how about a lush green view with a sparkling blue swimming pool inviting you for a swim? Whether it was from our room balcony or from the hilltop opposite the resort – the blue swimming pool became a part of the view. Of course, up close it was as charming. The hammock next to it was the perfect place to lie back and read your favorite author.

Swimming Pool at Club Mahindra, Baiguney
Swimming Pool at the resort

Baiguney for Birding Enthusiasts

Colorful Common Green Magpie Bird at Baiguney
Colorful Common Green Magpie Bird

Being surrounded by forests and a river flowing next to it, the walking area around the resort is a haven for spotting the birds. On the first day, we went for a walk down the river. Thankfully the resort maintains a well-laid path to the river and you can walk carefree without worrying about tripping here or there. We could spot so many birds though most of them would hide behind the ample leaves of the surrounding trees. They would tease us with their calls, and we would run around to get a glimpse of them. There are small ponds that are a good ground for spotting birds.

Outdoor Bamboo Gazebo
Outdoor Bamboo Gazebo

There is a small bamboo gazebo that overlooks the Rangeet River. All the 3 days that I was there, I sat at the gazebo watching the birds fly across the trees in front – it was like watching a well-orchestrated performance. I think I can say this was my favorite spot at the resort.

Fig Tree
Fig Tree

I also loved the fig-laden trees on the premises. I never thought that the figs happen in bunches right out of the trunk of the tree.

Pink and White Orchid flowers
Pink and White Orchid flowers

If you ever visit this resort, do not miss the orchid collection in the greenhouse – some of the freshest orchids I have seen in the hues of white and pink. The Cactus collection is also worth admiring.

Family Resort

Club Mahindra Resort, Baiguney
The resort view

I am not a member of Club Mahindra and I visited them wearing my travel blogger hat. This was my first stay with a ‘Timeshare’ property. I had no idea how these properties work as they are not hotels in the traditional sense of it. What I discovered was a very family-friendly atmosphere. All the fellow visitors were families. Quite a few families were 3 generations traveling together. I could see that they are enjoying spending time together. Staff and guests have a personal repo as most of the families are repeat guests for the group.

Indoor Games area Club Mahindra
Indoor Games area

There are facilities for keeping the children entertained. Every evening there are events to entertain the guests. For the first time, I saw the staff entertaining the guests. Initially, I thought they would get performers from outside, but as I sat there watching it was the same person who was managing the restaurant or who was at the front desk. I believe the group trains its staff for these performances. This was quite unique for me. I have never seen the hotel staff turning into entertainers every evening. Having said that, it was quite a warm atmosphere as the staff involved the guests and the underlying camaraderie helped both sides enjoy the evenings.

Vegetarian Sizzler at Club Mahindra
Vegetarian Sizzler
Dessert at Club Mahindra

Jal Siddhi Devi Sthan

Jal Siddhi Temple
Jal Siddhi Temple

It is not very often that you find an ancient temple on the premises of a holiday resort. During my morning walks, at the edge of the resort, I discovered a small but well-maintained temple dedicated to Jal Devi – the water Goddess. I assume she is a local folk deity. It is the water part that left me thinking as the shrine is located next to River Rangeet. I later gathered that drinking water is always a problem in hills and hence the shrine. There were also images of Shiva and his family – who assume are the resident lords of the Himalayas.

Location of Baiguney Resort

Bamboo canopy walkway
Bamboo canopy walkway

The biggest plus of this resort is its location. You can do a lot of offbeat locations in Sikkim from here. We covered Namchi, Pelling, Rinchenpong, and Kitam Bird Sanctuary from this resort. However what stands out in my memory is the drive along the river, colorful birds, and flowers. I remember the walks in and around the area in the midst of pristine nature. The closest city is Jorethang. It takes about 4-5 hours of drive from Bagdogra airport to reach this place. Roads were not great when we traveled in mid-April and the ride was bumpy.

I was told that most of their resorts are located far from the maddening crowd. For example, even in popular destinations like Shimla, they have a property in Kandaghat. Their properties, if available, can be booked through popular online portals just like any other hotels in Shimla or Sikkim.

Other facilities at the resort

Apart from the enchanting swimming pool, there is a spa facility and I am told it is quite popular with guests. There is a small gymnasium and I wonder if you really need one in such lovely surroundings.

Outdoor dining
Outdoor dining

There are open-air canopies for outdoor dining or small celebrations. The flowing white fabric surrounding you as you spend some moments with your partner or when you surprise your parents with a birthday cake and candles, adds to the ambiance and lends flavor to your memories.

Club Mahindra Resort landscape view amidst the mountains
The resorts landscape view amidst the mountains

I was invited by Club Mahindra to experience their Baiguney property. Views are mine and for details on their membership, please refer to their website.

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