Colva Beach, Goa – One Fine Evening Visit

Evening at Colva beach, Goa
Evening at the beach

Colva beach is the most popular among the south Goa Beaches. It is located a few kilometers south of Dabolim Airport. It is close to the commercial city – Madgaon, that Goa travelers know better as the railhead in the state.

Shade at the shacks of Colva beach
Shade at the shacks

Colva Beach by evening

The beach has fine sand that is also whiter compared to the beaches popular in the north. This beach gets a lot of tourists during the season. And is a hub for various water sports like water scooters, boat rides, and paragliding. Usual amenities like eateries, safety, and accommodations including luxury Hotels and Portuguese era Goa homestays are all along the stretch of beach within walkable distance and or at short distances away.

Time to relish by the beach
Time to relish by the beach

Popular South Goa Beach

Colva beach is part of a long stretch of south Goa beaches extending from Cansaulim to Betul about 20 km’s in a straight line. For beach walking, this is a big attraction. As it offers a unique ‘just can’t get lost’ opportunity to them. You can walk on quiet and empty stretches that are punctuated with beaches like this one filled with people. While on holidays if you like the quieter beaches, we recommend a rather less crowded beach nearby – Utorda beach.

Sunset time
Sunset time

Sunset Time

Viewing Sunset sitting while enjoying local food in the shacks, after all, the exhausting activities are what the memories are going to be made of. Especially for those who do not live on a sea-shore.

Parasailing enthusiasts
Parasailing enthusiasts

We recommend a visit beach to this beach when you are on holiday in the state. To soak in the Sun, Sand, and the sea. The memorable experience they create together as the sun bids goodbye for the day.

Sunset revelers at Colva beach
Sunset revelers

Interested in holidays beyond the beaches, head for

All are within about an hour’s drive from the beach.

Landing time as Sunsets across Arabian seas
Landing time as Sunsets across Arabian seas

If you enjoy visiting museums here are a few to explore

If birds and butterflies interest you explore

And heritage sites like Pansoimol pre-historic rock art and Thambdi Surla.

Add this beach to your list of beaches to visit and revel during Goa Holidays.

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